Friday, July 1, 2011

Fun Stories For The Summer Months

So sorry I have been away from my "post" for a while! (Pun intended.) I have a few fun summer reads to tell you about.

If you enjoy all those sitcoms about a bunch of friends in their twenties,  then you will most likely LOVE this series. I certainly do!! Ray Blackston has created some of the most vibrant, unique, and quirky characters I've ever met, and placed them on a backdrop of southern charm, beach trips, and a singles sunday school class.

Jay has just moved from Texas to South Carolina. In hopes of making some new friends, and maybe getting a date, he attends a local church, where things are not what he expected. A tanned, poetic missionary with a great throwing arm, a lime green Cadillac, a trip to Myrtle Beach, and a multitude of food fights are only the beginning of this wonderfully crafted story about God, summer fun, and falling in love.

A Delirious Summer
Neil, a missionary on furlough, gets mixed up in the crazy bunch of friends from the first book. Will he, like Jay, find what he is looking for in South Carolina? Or will he run back to the safety of the Ecuadorian jungle? Rejoin all your favorite characters from the first book, plus some new ones, as Neil navigates through his Delirious Summer.

Lost in Rooville
The gang travels to Australia to check out the views and the marsupials, but a few of the guys may have a secret agenda. Plus, what do Americans know about surviving in the outback?! Will everyone make it out alive? Travel along with Jay and the rest of the crew as they try to find their way through the Australian bush, meet new friends, and maybe catch some frogs...

Another great book to read is Just Between You and Me. Written by Jenny B. Jones, this book tells the story of Maggie, a thrill-seeking cinematographer who, in a family emergency, goes back to her hometown, where she hasn't been in years. Thrust into meetings with estranged family members, old friends, and even more old enemies, she must decide whether to help out those who need her, or to get out while she still can. Set in a small town, where everyone knows everything about everyone, and she was the "bad girl" in high school, can she survive long enough to help out her family, and maybe help herself, too?

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