Friday, August 23, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Last

On Fridays, a bunch of us take a word prompt from Lisa-Jo Baker and write for five minutes on that topic. We don't worry about whether it's perfect, or what people will think of us for "speaking" what's on our minds. We just write.

This week's word is Last.


"Last time I did this..." "This is the last time I do this for you!" "I don't want to go last!" "Save that for last." "I didn't think it would last this long..."

Last can mean a lot of different things. It can be good or bad. There are things I won't put last, like God, my family, and my friends. There are things best saved for last, like dessert, or good news.

I do know that God wants us to think of last differently than the world does. The world thinks that because we aren't trying to become celebrities or have a bunch of sexual relationships or become super rich that we are coming in last. Often it seems that the world thinks we should put ourselves first and God and others last. That's not how I want to do it, though!

Stellar Kart's song Finish Last sums it up well:

I am running in this race and I am pressing onwards towards the finish line
You have promised me a better life far beyond this world
Far beyond this place and time
I want to finish last, last in the world's eyes
No matter what I do, I will be first in Your eyes

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  1. Steven Curtis Chapman has a song called The Human Race. It is awesome! You should listen to it. :) Great blog post.

    1. Ooh, Debra, I am LOVING this song! Love this 80s/early 90s sound :) Thanks for sharing and stopping by!

  2. Yes. This. Nice work.

    Here from Five Minute Friday.