Saturday, August 24, 2013


I got this idea from my best friend, Debra Dawn :) She posted some beautiful images of the different seasons and asked what her readers' favorites are. I am curious to know yours! Do you prefer fall, winter, spring, or summer? Or maybe you can't choose just one favorite.


I told Debra that while I do have some things I like about each one, they also each have a downside. Here they are, in my opinion:


Downside to spring: rain, bees.
Downside to summer: hot.
Downside to winter: cold, getting a cold.
Downside to fall: it ends too soon.



As you probably figured out, fall is my favorite :D

Tell me yours and let me know why, and what do you like/not like about the other seasons?


  1. Hmmm...let me see...I like any season that keeps me cool. That pretty much means Winter. I hate summer, can totally do without it. I don't mind Fall, because it is cooler and I know that Winter is coming. Spring is nice for a few days, but then I realize that Summer is around the corner..AGAIN..and I am no longer liking Spring. So, there you have it. I prefer Winter.
    I told my girls that this Winter, if it snows, I am going to put my face in the snow during a hot flash, to see if I melt the snow....I seriously think that I could. :)

  2. Fall is definitely my favorite season as well. Living in Michigan, I get to experience it quite well. I love the crisp air. I love when it gets cool enough to wear a sweatshirt at night. I love cider mills and apple orchards. I love the smell of fall. There's a whole lot that I love about fall!
    - Leah

    1. Yes, the smell of fall is awesome!! Pumpkins and apples... oh and then the Thanksgiving smells, like Turkey :D I don't like apple cider but I like the smell of it.