Saturday, August 17, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Small

I'm joining Lisa-Jo Baker and her rapidly growing group of fellow bloggers who like to write for five minutes every Friday without worrying about it being just right. No backtracking, no editing.

This week's word is Small.


You've heard tons of people say it - standing beside the ocean makes you feel small. Makes you realize God's power and enormity and the size of the earth and how you are to the world as those little tiny grains of sand you are currently standing on. It may be a bit cliche, but it's totally true.

Other things make me feel this way. Not small as in insignificant, just small as in God is so awesome and big and it makes me even more ecstatic to know that He cares about me even while He's got ALL these other people to care for, too!! 

Looking at a huge field of flowers, standing in a crowd of people, flying over farms and cars that look so tiny from way up there. Great big pine trees, let alone redwoods (which I'd love to see someday!), the northern lights, big ships... So many things can make you feel small.

And yet, God really does care for you. He cares for him and her and you and them and everyone. Don't forget that :)

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  1. Your right in that feeling small is not always about being relation to God I love know that He is much bigger than me...He can handle the Big stuff :)

    1. Yes He can! :) Thanks for stopping by Mrs T!

  2. Great post and great reminder of the fact that no matter how small we feel, we are big to God.