Monday, March 25, 2013

Healing Your Broken Heart - Guest Post

My friend Johnette posted this and I just think it is a wonderful example of God's love for us. Used with permission.

When I was 12 years old, some college kids came to our church. They did a skit and I never will forget it. They did it as mimes. And it was a girl with her heart. She carried it around and was so careful. But she was quick to give it to a group of friends because she wanted friends so bad. They threw her heart around, laughed and let her heart drop on the floor and it broke in pieces. She cried as she picked up her heart and taped it back together. Now her heart was even more fragile. She carried it even more carefully. Then a cute boy flirted with her, smiled... and asked for her heart. At first she said no. But he continued, and she gave him her heart. She was so happy. He was everything to her. He took her out and even held out his arm for her to hold... until another pretty girl walked by. He dropped her heart and ran to the new girl. Now her heart was shattered. It was so bad she had to sweep it into her hands. She couldn't even put it together. She held it close to her chest and just wept. She heard a voice and looked up into the sky... and shook her head and grabbed the shattered heart even closer. The voice called again asking for her heart... the stubborn look on her face, she shook her head even harder grasping her broken heart so tight you couldn't see it at all. The voice called again... of course it was God... and He softly was telling her He loved her, and He would mend her broken heart. He wouldn't laugh at her, leave her, or break her heart... just trust Him. She thought back to what all the others had done. She had a hard time. I mean look at all the others I trusted and look at my broken heart. She slowly handed the heart up to Him. Tears flowed down her face, her eyes to the ground... and just stood for a few minutes. Then the voice called again... she looked up... He was handing her something. She reached to take it, and it was her heart. He had fixed her heart. You couldn't even tell it was broken. It was even better than before. She was so happy. She was thrilled! And then God asked for her new heart back. But wait, what should she do? She finally had her heart back... She knew God fixed it, but it was hers. She decided to give her heart to God... and boy the joy that was on her face then! She didn't have to worry, or tightly hold her heart. She knew God had her heart safe and sound in His hands. This is all He wants for you. He wants to love you, protect you and for you to trust Him with your heart and life. He will never hurt you. This meant so much to me and it still does. I hope it will bless you too.


  1. Awesome! I bet that was one powerful skit to watch.

  2. Oh, wow, Sarah. Thank you so much for sharing. I loved the picture this created :)

  3. I've seen this skin. Powerful! Thanks for sharing your friend's story.