Friday, March 1, 2013

Arrrgh and Huzzah!

Arrrgh, me mateys. Today be the release of MaryLu Tyndall's newest novel, Forsaken Dreams.

Here be a bit about the book!

Forsaken Dreams - Escape to Paradise Series Book One

They left everything behind to build a new southern utopia.

Colonel Grant Wallace cannot leave his once precious Southern homeland fast enough. After witnessing the death and destruction of the Civil War, he charters a ship and sets sail for the pristine shores of Brazil, eager to start afresh in a new land. Widow Eliza Crawford boards the ship NewHope harboring a dirty secret and a blossoming hope within her heart for a new life away from old memories. But once at sea, troubles abound. Will Grant overcome his demons of bitterness and rage? Can Eliza find the peace she longs for?
And here be a bit about MaryLu:

"I'm a multi-published, best-selling author of Inspirational Adventure Romances normally set on the historical high seas.  I spent my early years on the Florida coast, dreaming of adventures at sea with  swashbuckling heroes!  By age 15, I had a thousand stories swirling about in my head, but I never thought I could ever get published, so I took a different path. One that led me far away from my destiny and from the God who created me. I got a degree in Math and Computer Science and spent twenty years working at a career I hated. Still I wrote in my spare time. I couldn't do otherwise. It was who God made me to be. After years of searching  for meaning and after making a mess of my life, I finally came to my senses like the prodigal in the pigpen and gave my life, my all, to the living God. Since then, miracle after miracle has happened! And one of the biggest miracles of all was that God told me to write a book about pirates, so I did. And then He got me published. It's been a wild ride ever since!"

You can find MaryLu many places on the web:
Her website:
Her blog: Cross and Cutlass
Her Facebook fan page: Marylu Tyndall: Swashbuckling Romance
And her Twitter page: @MaryLuTyndall 

I got me copy, and am about to start readin' it. Methinks you should be doin' the same, or ye may find yerself walkin' the plank!

You can buy Forsaken Dreams online from AmazonChristian Book DistributorsBarnes & Noble, or Books-A-Million or pick up a copy at your local bookstore.

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