Friday, March 22, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Remember

Hooray! Another Five Minute Friday. Lisa-Jo Baker gives us a word and we just write for five minutes without planning or editing. Today's word is Remember.


I remember when I was 5 years old and our new neighbors moved in to the house connected to ours. A couple with two boys around the same ages and my brothers and I. The five of us became best of friends and did everything together. Playing soccer in the backyard, board games, video games that I could barely understand, babysitters and cookie jars and koolaid, trading candy out on the front porch after trick-or-treating. Roller blading down the sidewalk. Riding bikes when we were older and allowed to go a few blocks away. Yard sales and birthday parties and missing you when you were on vacation. Excited when I got home from school so we could all hang out. Even more excited when I switched to home schooling and realized we could hang out sooner. Sad when you moved but had a great time throwing a soccer ball down a laundry chute in your new house. Growing up, high school, we've drifted apart some - one of you is now in another state and the other in another country. But we still talk and we'll hang out when you get back. I just want to say how amazing it has been knowing you and I will always remember the good times and look forward to more :)

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  1. Wonderful memories! I did Five Minute Friday for the first time today, and also remembered my best friend from childhood. Golden days, no worries. Love your post.

    1. Hi Kathleen! So glad you joined in! Yes, our first friends, whether we're still close to them or not, are so dear to us :)

  2. What a sweet memory. I pray you still talk to them often. :)

  3. What sweet memories! I can tell how meaningful they are by how vivid they still seem! How wonderful to have friends that know you from "way back when." :)
    Returning the visit from Five Minute Friday!