Friday, October 14, 2011

A Tailor-Made Bride

I just read the most delightful book, about a young and talented seamstress who moves to a small town in Texas, and immediately clashes with the local livery owner.

Hannah moves to Coventry, Texas to open her own shop. JT, whose livery is right across the street, hates anything to do with beauty and vanity. So he decides to dislike her before they even meet. But what he soon finds out is that she is the sweetest, friendliest, and most humble woman he's known. How, then, can she be in a business that promotes vanity and feeling superior to others? With these conflicting thoughts, he wrestles back and forth with wanting to court her and wanting to stay away from her. And when Hannah becomes best friends with his sister, he tries to protect Delia from turning into the stuck up and flirtatious woman that he thinks she will become. But when he realizes Hannah is only trying to help Delia attract the man of her dreams, he may start to change his mind.

This is a heart-warming story, with plenty of laugh out loud moments, and a few harrowing ones. The characters are endearing, and the plot is full of fun suspense. If you love any sort of romance or historical fiction, you will absolutely love this book! It was such an easy and relaxing read. I flew right through it, much faster than I usually get through books. Then I gave it to my mother in law and she read it in two days, and loved it! I highly recommend this book!!

A Tailor-Made Bride was published last year, and is the first novel by Karen Witemeyer. She has two more books out so far, and I am off to find them, as I am sure they will be as wonderful as the first! To go to her website, click here.

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