Monday, September 16, 2013

$2, 2 Kids, 2 Puzzles, 2 Plane Tickets - Gunderson Adoption

You may have seen my post back in February about my friends the Gundersons who were working on adopting two kids from Ethiopia. And if you're friends with me on Facebook, chances are you've seen a LOT of posts about them over the past year.

Well, the great news is, the adoption is final!! Matt Gunderson went to Ethiopia a few weeks ago to appear in the adoption court, and got to meet their kids and spend some time with them. They've received the legal documents verifying the children's new last name. They are so close! But they still need to raise money for the VISAs, passports, and plane tickets.

So right now Jessie and her family are running a contest through her blog. An artist friend of theirs drew and donated two puzzles that look like their two new kids! For $2, you can sponsor a puzzle piece - your name will go on the back and Jessie will add the piece to the puzzle - and the money will help bring their kids home. Jessie will be posting pictures of the puzzles as new pieces are added on her author page on Facebook.

Also, whether you donate or not, if you share her blog post, you can enter to win one of six books! Check out her blog for more details:

Meanwhile, for every person who shares THIS post, I'll donate 50 cents. Just mention in the comments that you shared.

And PLEASE pray for the Gunderson family - Matt, Jessie, their five kids, and their two new kids. Pray for them to raise the rest of the money they need, to keep them safe while traveling to bring their new kids home, and for the kids to settle in well and know how much they are loved, and for all the other changes and adjustments this family will be going through to give two orphans (no longer!) their forever home.


  1. Sarah, I have shared this post. Awesome!

  2. Oh, Anshu and Smita, thank you so much for sharing, but this fundraiser is actually over... I did donate money towards it, though :)