Monday, October 7, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Write

Okay, okay, late again. But you know what? This time I have a great excuse! I have been writing... just not here. I've been working on my book :) But, although late, here is this week's Five Minute Friday post.

The word is Write.


The word is Write? Perfect! Instead of writing for five minutes here and now, how about I share a sample of the book I'm working on? Sound good to you? Awesome! Here we go:

Jackson dropped her right hand and walked with her back down the aisle, the crowd congratulating them on the way. At the opening to the clearing, Jackson hesitated and looked at her, and she realized he had no clue where they were going next. She pulled him around a corner and kept going until they were well hidden behind some tall shrubs.
“What are we doing?”
“I’m sorry. I just need a minute.”
“Okay.” He let go of her other hand and placed one of his on her back. “Is everything okay?”
“I… To be honest, I didn’t expect the kiss.”
He smiled. “Haven’t you ever been to a wedding before?”

What do you think? Are you intrigued? Or did it at least make you smile? :) I will share more samples in the future. Meanwhile, you can check out my Pinterest board for this book to meet the characters and "visit" some of the settings.

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  1. Oooh, I want more! Tease! :) You will post more right?

    1. Lol! Yes, I will be sharing more in the future. I honestly read through the four chapters I have so far and was like, there's hardly anything I can share that would make enough sense on it's own but wouldn't give too much away! Hahaha. The first few chapters is what really sets up the whole story so I didn't want to spoil it for any potential readers :D So glad you like it! Thanks for reading, Sarah <3

    2. Wow, sounds like a wedding of convenience to me....sort of like Love Comes Softly....that being said, I want to read more! You certainly have me intrigued, Sarah!

    3. Hmm... I wonder if you're right ;)

  2. Sarah, loved the teaser...I am a sucker for all things romantic and your pinboard with that old colonial style house has me fascinated...write more please