Friday, November 15, 2013

Five Minute Friday - Tree

It's Five Minute Friday! Today's word is Tree.


Trees... So beautiful. Some are tall, some wide, some scraggly and small like Charlie Brown's :) They provide oxygen, a place to live for many animals (and even some people!), their wood can be used for so many things, and when the leaves turn colors and fall it's simply gorgeous.

My favorite are Christmas trees. Decorated, of course. I don't like them to be gaudy. I like it to be simple and pretty. I love white Christmas trees. (Although they're artificial, obviously.)

I would love to see Redwoods someday. I so want to walk or even drive through one.

I love climbing trees. I always wanted a tree fort, but the only tree we had in our backyard was really small, barely even big enough to climb.

Dogwoods are another one of my favorites. So pretty when they're flowering, and the way the branches reach out in all directions.

Snow-covered trees are some of the most beautiful things you'll ever see, outside of Heaven.

Well, that's all for today :) Hope you enjoyed my photos. You can check out other posts on Tree here. And for more info on Five Minute Fridays, click the button below. Have a great weekend!
Five Minute Friday


  1. I have been to the Redwoods a couple of times. Me and my family even drove through a Redwood tree. It is so pretty at the Redwoods. You would love it there. I love artificial Christmas trees, they last longer and don't die. lol.

    1. Awesome, Debra! :) Do you have any pics? I would love to see them.
      Haha. I prefer real trees. I have yet to find a fake tree that looks real. But I do really like the white ones or the ones that look snow-covered.

  2. Your pictures are beautiful and connect with me. The memories of Christmas and Redwoods are magnificent, a dream to see.

    1. Thank you, Mary Helen! I'm so glad you liked my pictures :) Thanks for stopping by!

  3. I would love to see the redwoods as well! Used to live close but not anymore.
    Thanks for the great pictures! Stopping by from FMF.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Emily :) I hope you get to see them one day, too!