Sunday, August 5, 2012

Veil of Pearls

I just finished reading MaryLu Tyndall's newest novel, Veil of Pearls. This is her eleventh novel, and while I have absolutely loved every one, this is definitely one of the best! Her writing style keeps getting better, and this story just flowed like none before.

On to the story. Adalia is one quarter negro, and while she was born free, was forced into slavery after her parents' death. But she escapes, and ends up in Charleston, N.C. She finds work and is content, but then she meets Morgan Rutledge, a playboy son of a wealthy landowner, and one of the social elite. He is instantly attracted to her, and while she does her best to ignore him at first, his persistence eventually gets her to change her mind, and she starts to attend parties and plays with him. The Charleston socialites don't know what to think. A common woman infiltrating their world! Some accept her, while others, like Miss Emerald, do everything in their power to get rid of Adalia.
Meanwhile, Adalia still worries about her owner finding her and taking her back to the plantation, and wonders what Morgan will think if he ever finds out she was a slave. Especially since his father owns slaves and if Morgan were to take over his family's plantation someday, he would become a slave owner himself.
And it turns out Morgan has a secret of his own. He loves the sea and would like nothing more than to be a sailor, but his father and the rest of society would look down on or even disown him if they knew. So he keeps these desires to himself.

What will happen? Will Adalia stay free or be taken back into slavery? Will Morgan find out that she was a slave, and what will he think if he does find out? Will Miss Emerald and her friends succeed in getting Adalia out of the picture? Will Morgan ever get to fulfill his dreams of becoming a sailor?

Find out by reading the book!! :)

I highly highly recommend reading Veil of Pearls! This stand-alone novel is wonderfully written, and really brings to light the struggle we all face to feel welcomed and popular, to fit in with the "cool crowd."Adalia hides her heritage to protect herself, but in the process becomes so enamored with the wealth and social scene that she completely forgets who she was. Morgan does what is expected of a man in his position, causing him to deny the things he really longs for. The book shows other characters' struggles, too, as Adalia sees that each of them is a slave in their own way - whether a slave to wealth and power, a slave to their beliefs and memories, or a slave to others.

You can buy a copy at a local book store, or order it online or download an e-book version from Amazon, CBD, Barnes & Noble, and more!

Check out MaryLu's blog, with links to her website, info on each of her books, and news about upcoming novels:

If you read Veil of Pearls or any of MaryLu Tyndall's books, let me know what you think!


  1. Great review, Sarah, you make me want to read it again!

    1. Thanks Debbie! I want to read it again, too! :O

  2. I loved this book also! It was the first of hers I'd read.

    1. Hi JoyAnne. Thanks for stopping by! I'm so glad you read Veil of Pearls. MaryLu has 10 other books published so far, plus a novella that just came out on August 1st called Central Park Rendezvous. I encourage you to check them out as well :)
      Happy reading!