Tuesday, May 14, 2013


Seems I've been making a habit of doing my Five Minute Friday posts on days other than Friday. But I want to fit them in when I can rather than not doing it at all :)

So here we go. Theme for this week was Comfort.


Comfort makes me think of a warm blanket, a comfy couch, a soft rug, a fluffy pillow, feet up, relaxing, no pain, no stress, just comfort. 

But I don't think comfort is purely physical.

I'm an easily scared, shy, paranoid person. I am comforted when my husband is home. I am comforted when there's a friend with me on a night-time drive. I feel more comfortable when there's people I know at a social gathering.

And I'm comforted by the fact that God is always with me, that Jesus cares for me, that the Holy Spirit is guiding me.

And that's the most important one. Even when you're not physically comfortable or mentally comfortable... When you're in that situation where you don't know anyone, or you're alone in the dark, or you hear something when you are home alone, you can know that the Lord is there with you, protecting you, and nothing will happen to you that isn't in His plan.

I know it is hard, believe me. But I've found that if I'm constantly praying I start to forget about the scary or uncomfortable situation and just focus on thanking God for everything He's given me and thanking Him for taking care of me and knowing what's best, and praying that He'll continue to protect me and get me through life's uncomfortable spots.

Often God wants us out of our comfort zones. But He will go with you, which is a very comforting thought :)

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  1. Great post! Very comforting... :o)

  2. indeed, He travels with us to comfort outside our comfort zones. Great image!

  3. Yes! He Is Always With Us, Even In The Uncomfortable And Scary Places!